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  • #10 -     Date:   2004-12-01 10:38:23       Posted By:  
    Ken has anyone told the corner house they did a nice job landscaping

    #9 -     Date:   2004-06-12 06:42:34       Posted By:  
    Ken ,please spell check my last entry about mangabay yards it was 5 in the morning when i wrote it thanks

    #8 -     Date:   2004-06-12 06:40:45       Posted By:  
    It is time to do something about the Mangabay yards and landscaping. Are home values are being hurt by this eyesore. Since they refuse to keep up thier yards to evena minmumu standard we need to use all means possible including leagl action.

    #7 -     Date:   2004-06-06 12:07:58       Posted By:  
    how do I get my password, Joe Freitas

    #6 -     Date:   2004-06-05 06:12:07       Posted By:  
    We need to act on the property on the corner of covey and bobwhite. The Mangabay res. They promissed a year ago to supply us with a landscape plan.Trying to sell or keep up property values with this eye sore is hoorrible. If they will not keep up thier yards we need to enforce the H.O.A.rules. If we cannot get them to cocoperate we should take legal action and charge them with the attorney fees.

    #5 -     Date:   2004-05-12 05:57:37       Posted By:  
    Ken Please send ne your email Jack

    #4 -     Date:   2004-02-12 12:09:21       Posted By:  
    Hi Ken, here are a few more art organizations in the local area that might be useful on the new website. Livermore Valley Opera - www.livermorevalleyopera.com Del Valle Fine Arts - www.delvallefinearts.org Livermore/Amador Symphony - www.livamsymph.org California Symphony - www.californiasymphony.org Opera San Jose - www.operasj.org Ballet San Jose - www.balletsanjose.org You did a great job on the website. Thanks Linda Tinney

    #3 -     Date:   2004-02-09 11:59:48       Posted By:  
    This looks great! I think it will be a great way to communicate to the Association and stay in touch. Thanks Ken and anyone else involved in its development and implementation. Chris Doczy

    #2 -     Date:   2004-01-17 09:51:52       Posted By:  
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    #1 -     Date:   2004-01-17 09:51:39       Posted By:  
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