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    #25 -     Date:   2006-04-19 08:40:29       Posted By:   Sandee Utterback
    could you post a calendar of meetings and topics for 2006? potential buyers for the neighborhood could check out the upcoming items, maybe CC&Rs or amendments to same, etc...if availalbe. thanks Sandee Utterback

    #24 -     Date:   2006-02-28 03:57:49       Posted By:   anonymous
    I also have concerns regarding the HOA Board members having the ability to make changes that will not be a benefit to all members of the HOA. We have a lot of appreciation in our homes and many of the members will want to keep this appreciation for their retirement. We want this neighbor- hood to look like an upscale place to live. I hope all the members will try to come to the HOA meetings to voice their views on what is important to this Association.

    #23 - HOA Board information    Date:   2006-01-21 06:57:47       Posted By:   Ken
    Hi all, The Quail Run HOA Board meeting minutes and other HOA related information is currently available in the members area of our website. Please email me if you need the password to access our members area. The address to our website is: http://quailrunhoa.net and you select the "Members Area" from the side menu under the CATEGORIES column.

    #22 - test message from quail run members area    Date:   2006-01-21 06:45:19       Posted By:   Ken
    This is a test message. If you receive this then you can now email all HOA members a quick message from the members area

    #21 - test message    Date:   2006-01-16 01:02:06       Posted By:   ken

    #20 -     Date:   2005-09-12 11:48:48       Posted By:   Chris Doczy
    Just to let everyone know - the City Council meets tonight - Sept 12 at 6:30 PM to review and approve the Buranis development application submitted by the O'Brien Group. No one is anticipating anything to change from what was previously approved by the Planning Commission. If you would like to attend, please note the earlier time and also note that the Buranis issue is the first item on tonights agenda.

    #19 - Obrien Meeting August 10th    Date:   2005-08-05 06:45:37       Posted By:   Den Fisher
    At last weeks HOA Board meeting Steve Riter (Mission Valley Properties) and Eric Keller (O’Brien Group) discussed their proposed development of the Buranis property. In general, the Board felt their plans addressed the concerns previously expressed regarding graded housing density, traffic on Cabernet, and noise/dust during site cleanup and construction. They are interested in getting additional feedback from the neighborhood, and are planning an informational meeting Tuesday August 10, 2005 at 7:00 PM in Room 2 at the City Public Library (see announcement on the Quail Run Web Site. It is located under the Buranis Property menu item). Our website address is: http://quailrunhoa.net Thanks a lot. Den

    #18 - Robertson Park    Date:   2005-07-09 06:44:50       Posted By:   HOA Board
    Hi there HOA members, I have just added a Robertson Park area to our website to keep us all informed of events/information which involves the park/stadium area. Please email me any news or event information that you may hear about which the HOA would be interested in. Email the information to: sumisoft@gmail.com Thanks

    #17 - July 4th letter to the LARPD    Date:   2005-06-28 09:03:11       Posted By:   HOA Board
    Hi there all, Den has just drafted a letter to the LARPD and the Livermore Police to try and help with some of the issues we experienced last year around the 4th of July. To view it go to our website at: http://www.quailrunhoa.net then select "July 4th Letter" from the menu.

    #16 - Neighborhood garage sale    Date:   2005-06-15 06:19:29       Posted By:   Ken Sumikawa
    One more item... We are also planning a neighborhood garage sale for Saturday (6/25/2005). Please email Joe Frietas at joeamoea@msn.com if there are any items you would like listed in the classified ads. Please email me if you have any questions. Ken

    #15 - Homeowners meeting    Date:   2005-06-15 06:14:52       Posted By:   Ken Sumikawa
    Hi there all, We will be having a home owners meeting next Tuesday night (6/21/2005)at 7:30pm at Den Fishers house which is located at 2584 Covey Way. Please mark you calendars. I look forward to seeing you all then. Feel free to email me or call if you have any questions. Thanks, Ken

    #14 - Home owners meeting    Date:   2005-04-20 12:30:04       Posted By:   Ken
    Hi there all, The meeting for the homeowners association is being canceled for the 22nd or 23rd and will be rescheduled to a later date. Kathy Johnson will be sending out the meeting schedule along with our dues this month. Please email me or call if you have any additional questions.

    #13 - Homeowners meeting    Date:   2005-04-09 10:15:37       Posted By:   Ken
    Hi there everyone, I am scheduling a meeting for April 22nd to discuss homeowner issues and to elect new board members. I would like to solicit anyone that would be willing to open up their living room for this meeting (I would have it at my house but my living room is too small). If I have no takers than we have the meeting on April 23rd at the park at 12:00 in the afternoon. Please bring any issues you have to this meeting. Also, we currently have issues regarding the tennis courts and I would like to ask all memebers to refrain from using the tennis courts until these matters are resolve on April 22nd or 23rd. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, Ken Sumikawa

    #12 - Prowlers in the Quail Run area    Date:   2004-09-30 06:32:13       Posted By:   Ken
    Sharon Mariott mailed me the following letter that she wanted me to put on our web site. Apparently there have been 2 prowler incidents in or near our quail run area. She informed me that there were 2 individuals that were prowling around in someones backyard in the gated community a couple weeks ago, and Chris Dozey wrote to tell us that there was a possible prowler around her house last night. Please read the following letter since we need to keep an eye out for one another... I've set up a meeting with the Livermore Police Dept. to initiate a Neighborhood Watch program. I apologize for the delay, the officer in charge had been on vacation for 2 weeks while his second child was born. He is booked solid until the week of Oct 18th. I've tentatively set up the meeting for 7:00 on October 20th. I'll host it at my house ( 2263 Cabernet Way). I'll send out a flyer as a reminder. There was also a suspected prowler incident last night in Quail Run quite close to all of us. I'm going to include Quail Run and Cabernet Way in the meeting. The officer asked about neighborhood concerns. I told him prowlers, safety reminders, traffic and construction going on in the neighborhood. Livermore sends out their Neighborhood Watch newsletter by e-mail. Please let me know if you want me to release your e-mail address. I won't provide your e-mail unless I hear from you. Sharon

    #11 - Quail Run Buranis Property update    Date:   2004-04-21 10:20:30       Posted By:   Ken Sumikawa
    If you are having a problem reading my previous email message then please read the letter on our home owners site at: http://quailrunhoa.net (under the Buranis Property area)

    #10 - Low income housing    Date:   2004-04-21 09:57:58       Posted By:   Ken Sumikawa
    Hi there all, I thought you might find this message from Sharon Mariott quite interesing. Mike just emailed this to me and is an action item which definately needs addressing. Ken -----Original Message----- From: Sharon Marriott [mailto:smarriot@earthlink.net] Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 10:30 AM To: donboyd@boydbrokerage.com; 'Marie Koch'; 'Chris Doczy'; 'Chris Doczy'; 'Michael Johnson'; mjohnson520@comcast.net Subject: Inclusionary housing on buranis property I had a meeting this morning with Dennis O'Brien this morning, president of O'Brien Homes and he needs our neighborhood help on the low income housing in the 24 buffer zone homes. The city is not budging on moving them to the smaller home area. These houses WILL affect our property value. They will sell for around 170,000. Dennis has asked for a letter from all the homeowners associations stating their displeasure with this issue. I am drawing a letter and asking all the residents of Cabernet to sign it. Tim and I have a very good relationship with Dennis O'Brien. He is a much more upfront and ethical person than Steve Ritter. Our lawyer and their corporate attorney have hammered out a new remediation plan that is much more sensitive to our neighborhood. The park has been removed and the housing lots in the smaller area will be increased. They will be developing a park within a park in Robertson Park. I would like to propose a neighborhood meeting. This low income 2.4 houses HAVE to be removed. Dennis feels that if we can come out strong enough, we can get it moved into the smaller units. Sharon

    #9 - city council meeting3/24/2004    Date:   2004-03-21 09:11:55       Posted By:   Ken
    Is anyone planning on attending the city council meeting on the 24th? They are going to discuss the structure which has been constructed on Arroyo road to help slow down traffic. I think it is dangerous, especially for those who are using the mail box at that intersection. I will be out of town and unable to attend the meeting so I would appreciate any representation from our association about this speed fixture or any clarification on the scottish games. Thanks, Ken

    #8 - Scottish Games    Date:   2004-02-28 08:36:08       Posted By:   Ken
    Hi there everyone, I hope that everyone is checking the site for the latest updates. In case you haven't I thought I would drop everyone a quick email to update them on the upcoming scottish events. Here is Scotts update (please look in the discussion area of our site for the complete update) LARPD voted 5-0 to allow over-night camping. There is also a feeling among some board members that they do not need to notify the surrounding neighborhoods on upcoming events. The Games will be held May 14th-15th and they are expecting 10,000 people for the 2 days.

    #7 - Scottish Games    Date:   2004-02-25 08:43:00       Posted By:   Scott Morris
    LARPD voted 5-0 to allow over-night camping. There is also a feeling among some board members that they do not need to notify the surrounding neighborhoods on upcoming events. The Games will be held May 14th-15th and they are expecting 10,000 people for the 2 days, and they felt this did not warrent a notice. There will be war re-enactments with canons and so forth. 60 people will be sleeping on the grass area to protect the artillary used for the re-enactments. I did speak and express a concern about notification. Scott Kamena came up to me after and agreed (He lives in Vinsanto next to the park). Should be an interesting weekend !

    #6 - Scottish Games    Date:   2004-02-23 07:18:49       Posted By:   Ken
    I just received a letter from Scott Morris about the Scottish games at the rodeo grounds... The letter is located on our website and if you have any additional information please leave any feedback in the discussion area on our website. I will call LARPD and try to find out any additional information that I can. I will be out of town and unable to attend the meeting Wens.(2/25) so if anyone else could attend the meeting it would be greatly appreciated... Please keep us informed of any new updates. -Ken-

    #5 - Robertson Park    Date:   2004-02-23 06:35:22       Posted By:   Scott Morris
    For those of you who do not know, LARPD has approved the Scottish Games to be held in May at Ropertson Park. This is a 2 day event expected to draw 10,000 people. I for one was never notified of this discussion and I thought LARPD was supppose to notify all neighborhoods adjacent to the park. Furthermore, on Wednesday 2/25 they will also discuss and vote on whether or not to allow camping for the participants. Please keep in mind that a yes vote may open a can of worms in allowing other users of the park (Soccer tournaments, Equestrian events ect..) to camp as well.

    #4 - Gamay project    Date:   2004-02-18 04:58:45       Posted By:   Chris Doczy
    Hi: I talked with a friend over in Chateau Gamay and found out that they (the people on the corner with the "project")have already been notified that they do NOT have a permit for the structure (they were notified 2/13). And I believe they have been notified that it is not in compliance with city statutes governing these type of structures. You can not attached a "lean-to" type structure onto fences. The city is suppose to send a building inspector out though they have not to date.They have something like 15 days to respond and then another 15 or so after. They will be fined $100.00 for the first warning and then $200.00 for the next. I believe there is a department for neighborhood complaints at the City and that is where you would make the complaint. I think the city might take more notice if others also complain to the City about this lean-to. Speaking of things along that vein - I wondered why for 12 years that I have lived here that another house on Chardonnay has never put his sidewalk in and left it as "holes" without getting into any issue with the city. I guess that a sidewalk is not required on the property, but it seems like if is was dug out and left with big holes along the edge of the property, that at minimum the holes should be filled or that a sidewalk be installed. Anyone know anything about this hazaard?? Chris

    #3 - Gamay Property    Date:   2004-02-16 10:58:19       Posted By:   Ken
    While it is very important to monitor the building on the Buranis property (to protect the value of our houses), Is anyone also concerned about the building which is being constructed at Gamay and Chardonnay? Is that structure to code? Does anyone know what the final stucture is suppose to look like? I open this area up for discussion on our web site. It is imperative that we ascertain building of any kind does not impact the value of our immediate property values as well as the values as an HOA. Please send your feedback/comments to our website which is located at: http://www.e-collector.org/framework/quailrun.php in the Discussions area. -Ken-

    #2 - Quail Run Home Owners Web Site    Date:   2004-02-09 06:46:38       Posted By:   Ken Sumikawa
    Hi there Everyone, We have a new website! You can check it out at: http://www.quailrunhoa.net Please look at the Buranis Property from the side menu for the latest on the housing development efforts. Enjoy, Ken

    #1 - Welcome to my bulletin board    Date:   2003-02-27 10:22:38       Posted By:   quailrun
    Welcome to my bulletin board section where you can carry on discussions and make announcement and add anything that you might find interesting to everyone

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