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E-Collector System Status

April 1st is the target release date of Phase II of E-Collector. Please feel free to ask any Questions and all Suggestions are appreciated.

1/18/2003: E-Collector is currently in the process of developing a classifieds, bulletins, and want ads area for all E-Collector subsites. This should be available in a couple weeks.

12/14/2002: We now have a new look. We have updated our old page to be a little more helpful and informative to our users. Drop us a line and tell us what you think.

11/12/2002: E-Collector has added new accounts for each user which registers. This allow us to provide easy web services to all our users.

4/19/2001: Just added a new personals section. This area is fun and you should feel free to use it.

4/16/2001: There is now free listings in catagories which have less than 5 items listed in them. This is something that you should check often since the older postings are remove every 3 weeks and make room, so if you happen to be there first, then you may grab the free spots.

4/15/2001: Added select page to choose a catagory from. This will be nicer then selecting from the pull down menu. We are also adding the ability to add listings for free if there are less than 5 listings in the selected catagory. We have also decided to extend the official start date of this site to April 1st to give us more time to work out the kinks.

4/13/2001: System backup. The system will be down for a full back up at midnight 4/13/2001 PST for 1 hour

4/12/2001: Added profanity checking to areas of the site to limit unwanted language. Will be expanding this feature throughout in the following months to come.

4/10/2001: Complaint section added to allow users to submit information about a bad E-Collector transaction. A new rating feature has also been added to allow users to rate their items on a scale of 1 to 10. This should help potential buyers decide if the item is worth continued negotiations on

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