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E-COLLECTOR is a program developed by SumiSoft Web Designs that provides users with the ability to easily create their own webspace and webpages. Have you often wished that you had your own web site for buying and selling items on the internet in addition to what is being sold on auction sites? Have you ever wanted a website for your organization or for personal use? Let us take the burden of all the web complexity away from you and provide you with a good, easy to use webpage framework.

E-Collector provides a simple way to add item content to a system which creates web pages automatically. This is most useful for those who want to sell “online” or create an online photoalbum for all their personal use without having to understand all the work that goes into generating all the web pages. All you need to do to get your site started is to register to become an E-collector member, then simply begin uploading pictures to your webspace, E-Collector takes care of everything else for you.

Your new web space will be divided up into two separate categories, 1) the primary “category” section and 2) the “others” section which includes links to other users and sites related to the E-Collector site.

Every time that you upload pictures to your web space, your items are automatically divided into areas which make it easy for everyone to locate. Each time a new section is selected (at the time that the new item is being added by yourself) the section will be automatically added to the list under the categories area. This makes it convenient everyone to know and locate the items you have for sale.

In order to get started with E-Collector, you first need to register and become a valid user. This will give you a web space and provides you with an easy means to enter into the world of E-commerce.

Once you are validated as a user you can quickly begin uploading pictures to your site and “voila”, you have an instant site with everything you need to help you get selling online. You can also provide links to your site from any other site which provides you the ability to insert html hyperlink content. By leveraging this ability you can redirect others to your site where all your sale items are now consolidated under easy to access indicies. This environment is much different from that of ebay since this is basically your “store” and you are not charged for each and every additional item you add to your site. Supplemental information may also be available at your site to help users find your store(maps, phone numbers, etc) through the special url link which is available at the time you register.

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