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  • January 11, 2004

    To the Honorable:

    Mayor Marshall Kamena
    Councilmember Tom Reitter
    Councilmember Mark Beeman
    Councilmember Loraine Dietrich
    Councilmember Marj Leider

    By way of introduction, my name is Mike Johnson and I was appointed spokesperson and project leader by the Quail Run Homeowners association in connection with the Buranis property development. The Homeowner's Association represents twenty five homes affected by the proposed development. Our goal is to work with the City and the Developer to ensure that the Buranis property is developed in a way that completes our neighborhood, maintains property values and causes the least amount of disruption. I was scheduled to speak at the council meeting Monday night and communicate the Association's views on your approval of the General Plan which will re-zone the Buranis property. This action will allow for the proposed development of the Buranis property by the O'Brien Group and Mission Valley Properties. Unfortunately, I have been called away on business and may not be able to attend the meeting. In my absence, please accept this letter as our statement.

    We have met numerous times with Steve Riter, the Developer's representative and Mark Roberts, Community Development Director to communicate our goals and objectives for the Buranis property development as a Homeowners Association. Attached you will find a Microsoft Word File Letter that Mr. Riter prepared in support of these goals and objectives. I understand that you were each sent a copy of the letter. In the letter, there are five guiding principles that we asked the Developer to follow when building the project and to work diligently with the City to ensure they are accomplished. Those five principles are:

    1) Build the Buffer Area at no less than RS-2 standards, mirroring the existing neighborhood.
    2) No primary access to the Buffer Area from Cabernet or Gamay.
    3) No placement of any EVA required on Cabernet Way.
    4) Phase housing in way that accelerates building of the Buffer Area over the high-density development.
    5) Visually feather the density housing transition along Arroyo Road.

    Assuming the Builder works to meet these five goals and objectives, and stays within the "spirit" of these five goals and objectives, this Homeowner's Association will support the proposed Buranis property development and the required amendment to the General Plan. Having stated that, Mr. Riter was painfully careful in his letter to ensure we understand that the City can change, modify or eliminate any of the five goals and objectives at any time.

    We would appeal to you as a Council, that you each ensure that our city government brings this to fruition without contest.

    Thank you in advance for your time, concern and assistance in this matter.

    Best regards,

    Mike Johnson
    Spokesperson - Quail Run Homeowner's Association


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