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  • Quail Run Home Owners,

    We are having a very important meeting this Tuesday (9/23/2003) at 7:00 PM at Mike Johnson’s house which is located at 2621 Covey Way. The purpose of this meeting is to inform all the homeowners of the new developments that have occurred on the Buranis property.

    We all need to come together for this meeting (9/23) prior to a Builders meeting (9/25) to work through any issues and concerns we have regarding the Buranis property. It is imperative that we take a collective stance with the dialogue we present at that meeting. I have asked Mike to be the spokes person for our group. Mike, Scott, Dan, Jack T., and myself have been participating in several meetings with the builders and city council members to gather constructive information to help in this process.

    Please plan to attend the meeting and come prepared with issues/concerns you would like to bring to this forum. Please email me (oskisan@hotmail.com) with any additional questions you may have.

    Ken Sumikawa

    P.S. The Buranis builder’s meeting is scheduled for this Thursday 9/25/2003 at 7:00 PM at Arroyo Mocho which is located at 1040 Florence St. in the multipurpose room.


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