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  • I spoke with the Steve Riter the builder's representative we have been working with. He went into this song and dance about how he had conceptual agreement with our five original points.

    1) Buffer zone built to RS-2 standards.
    2) No primary access from Cabernet.
    3) No EVAs (Emergency Vehicle Access) along Cabernet.
    4) Build the buffer zone first. This is a Marriott request.
    5) Likes the idea of feathering along Arroyo so we have this stark change from Robertson Park Road to cabernet.

    Than he went into 10 minutes of how we had accomplished 1) and 2)in the PD (Planned Development) and 3) was in the works with the city to become part of the PD, and, finally; he would visit 4) and 5) during the site plan design. He won't commit to a development agreement because "he's not sure what the city will require of him". I finally told him that I needed some form of a letter of intent stating the builder's intentions and desire to complete our neighborhood in a way that would not cause any disruption and bring harmony and closure to the existing building. At least with that letter, we would have something to take back to the city if we were double crossed. I understand his problem with locking in today. This letter will at least be a club we can use to beat the builder and the city over the head with. I also told him to loose the legal weasel when he writes the letter. On that basis, I told him, with letter in hand, we would go to the council meeting and support the project publicly. He liked that. Finally, I told him that I wasn't up for endless meetings and equivocation with he and the city and it would be cheaper to hire the attorney, write a check and let the lawyer negotiate the deal. His choice. So far he's opting for the letter. The Marriotts may sue no matter what we do. Stay tuned. Also, bear in mind that without the development agreement, the city can change anything, and the city can change anthing anyway. It's really a political animal. If you look at the way they are handling the downtown double theater proposal, this mayor has taken a couple plays right out of Saddam's book. He get's what he wants. The majority council will continue to be the enemy within.



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