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  • From: Sharon Marriott [mailto:smarriot@earthlink.net]
    Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003 8:53 PM
    To: 'Marie Koch'; chrisdis@comcast.net; mjohnson520@comcast.net
    Subject: Meeting with the city

    Marie and I met with Catherine Hagenbush today. Tim and I attended the city council meeting on Monday.

    The Buranis property was discussed extensively in the meeting during the talks on transfer of development credit. It was noted that it is mandatory to purchase the credits on the Buranis property. I confirmed this with Catherine. They will have to buy credits to change the 1 to 4.5. It is the "seed" money to start the land trust in North Livermore. It is being proposed that this will allow them to by-pass the HIP process. It will eliminate one cycle of the planning and city council hearings.

    Tim and I are most concerned with the phasing. Today Catherine said that the phasing is fine but it would occur AFTER the environmental clean-up and grading of the entire property. That is the deal breaker for us. Without the buffer homes built prior to the clean-up, we have no choice but to push full steam ahead with our legal recourse insisting on an EIR. Phasing the houses on Cabernet after the clean up has no value to us. It seems like a bit of bait and switch because we were clear in saying that we wanted the houses built prior to the mediation with the new residents getting full disclosure on what was going to take place. Of course, that hinges on the front area being totally clean.....???

    There are many things about this proposal that we don't like but we were willing to compromise given the protection of buffer homes.

    Catherine said that our issues will be dealt with during the map phase. I asked if we would be notified and the answer was not officially. She did say that she would notify us by phone............ ( rolls eyes)

    Brian McKeen is still quite in the picture. He spent the city council break networking this deal to Kamena, Leider and Reitter.

    No development agreement, no phasing prior to remediation = NO deal for the Marriott's. I"m meeting with Flashman next week to move forward. We have a few cards left to play. We'd hoped to work out a deal but what is on the table is not acceptable to us. We'll file in Superior court as soon as they vote to approve this. The builder has basically offered up nothing. You can all decide how you want to proceed.

    I am going to contact Marc Roberts again just to clarify this issue.

    The Buranis property will be the first agenda item in January. After that, the meeting will be open to public testimony.



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