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  • -Dale Turner spoke as the non-voting steering member to not re-zone the Buranis property

    -Dale Turner spoke as the non-voting Steering Committee member to not re-zone the Buranis property.The LARPD is against having that many houses backing onto Robertson Park because of potential complaints and liability about the noise, smell and dust of the equestrian area.LARPD is a completely separate district that gets itís funding from the state not the city.†† Their land and roads are not under the sphere of influence of Livermore.They have their own planners and policies.



    ----Original Message-----
    From: Doug Bell [mailto:dbell@larpd.dst.ca.us]
    Sent: Thursday, February 20, 2003 11:33 AM
    To: smarriot@earthlink.net
    Cc: Dale Turner
    Subject: Robertson Park

    Dear Ms. Marriott,


    Dale Turner has asked me to respond to your email concerning the Buranis Property adjacent to Robertson Park.


    It has been several years since we have seen a proposal for development of the Buranis property.  At that time I remember there was a small neighborhood park proposed in the development adjacent to Robertson Park Road which would have been accessible on foot from Robertson Park.  There was no vehicle access from Robertson Park Road into the development.  I believe access was from a new street off Arroyo Road.


    It was our position at the time of that proposal that there should be no vehicle access onto Robertson Park Road.  I am not aware of any discussion with anyone regarding changing that position.



    Doug Bell, General Manager




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