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  • FYI- Tim and I are on the planning committee's contact list

    FYI-  Tim and I are on the planning committee's contact list.  We were invited by mail to all the downtown planning  meetings. 


    Note from Don Trimmer:  It seems that none of the neighbors received any notification of the Steering Committee meetings.


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    I do not believe that there is any requirements for notification of a steering committee meeting since it is only advisory.  It is often difficult to change once a recommendation has been made by a citizens committee but it should not be considered written in stone.  There should be ample opportunity to comment on the proposed General Plan changes at a number of steps that still need to be taken.

    Since there is little requirements for notification on General Plan updates, you should request to be placed on a notification list kept by the planning staff.  This should insure notification

    John Stein


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