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  • * edited after a phone call to John Stein

    * edited after a phone call to John Stein.   Buranis property was not included in his original run on sentence.  I added a period and Buranis property to clear up confusion.  I also have the original with the omission.


    This is the Brown Act issue

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Stein53@aol.com [mailto:Stein53@aol.com]
    Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 5:50 PM
    To: smarriot@earthlink.net
    Subject: Re: Re-zoning of the Buranis Property


    At one of the steering committee meetings there was opportunity for the public to comment on issues not on the agenda.  Buranis  property* was not included on the official agenda.  I pointed this out to the chair and it was placed on the agenda. 

    All of the proposed General Plan redesignations were discussed by the Steering Committee.  I pointed out that some of the density increases would not be appreciated by adjacent home owners and might result in a referendum.  I also suggested that nearby property owners should be informed as they might want to offer comment, but, the staff and committee said that there would be opportunities to comment at rezoning hearings.  But as you know that is too late. 

    I was deeply disappointed in how little public input was presented during the hearings.  There was little publicity and the chair seemed to regard public input as a difficulty to overcome. 

    The issue will come before the City Council next Monday.  You might want to go the City's website to see the agenda.  If you have any further questions please call or email me.

    John Stein 449-7896


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