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  •     This email is to update you regarding the proposed Planned Development on the Buranis property. Staff has made a change to Condition #4 in Section E regarding the phasing of the project. We are no longer requiring that the project be phased as previously proposed. The developer was able to provide us some additional information regarding how the remediation on site would need to take place. At this point, the developer will need to remediate the site 1/3 at a time working in a west to east pattern. This is due in part to the high water table on site and the need to properly balance the site. In addition, this will allow the remediation and grading to take place in the fastest amount of time possible. The previous condition would have required the grading and remediation to take place over a much longer period of time, thus negatively impacting the surrounding neighbors for a much longer time frame. The new condition requires the developer to install a screen fence around the perimeter of the site and to complete all of the remediation and grading. The developer shall install a solid screen fence along the southern property line prior to any grading or remediation occurring on site. This new language will be presented to the City Council during tonight's meeting and was in the staff report distributed to the Council and the public.

    Please call me if you have any questions.

    Catherine Hagebusch
    City of Livermore
    Associate Planner


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