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  • Mike Johnson asked me to contact you and let you know when the roundtable meeting is. The meeting is scheduled for Friday Feb 6, at 11:30 in the conference room adjoining the planning department at city hall. Steve Riter will give a presentation on the " new" geological information and then will be asked to leave so that the city staff can meet with the neighbors privately.

    The "new" geological information that was referenced in the city staff report will finally be available in written form. The changes in the PD were made after a oral report was given by the developer late last week.

    Marie Koch representing Château Gamay, myself and possibly my attorney, Stuart Flashman, are currently scheduled to attend. Chris Doczy has a conflict with this time. This was the only available time prior to the public hearing being re-opened and the vote being taken on Feb 9.

    Because of the late significant changes being made to the Planned Development ( PD) the city council has agreed to re-open public testimony on Monday Feb 9. Anyone who wished to comment on this new plan may speak during the prequel to the Buranis deliberations and vote.

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