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  • Dear Catherine:

    We have been traveling these last few weeks and unfortunately were not able to keep up with all of the detail of the proposed changes to the PD for the Buranis property rezoning. We were able to have a lengthy discussion with Mission Valley Properties and understand the issues around the change that was proposed for the remediation and the phasing of the building. Unfortunately, because of the timing of your last email and its content, it was not clear that these changes would require a two phased clean up and requirement that the R2 buffer zone be built prior to any other development. We basically see the clean up as one issue and the actual building as two separate housing developments.

    For the record, Mr. Steve Riter has met with the leadership of the association numerous times either by telephone or in person. He has been extremely cooperative in addressing our concerns and the challenges related to the development of this property and working with the city and various regulatory agencies. We feel he has been forth coming in telling us what items Mission Valley and O'Brien can and cannot deliver on this project. The deliverables we asked for in order to support the project were addressed in a letter written to me (carbon copied to yourself, Marc Roberts and the City Council) and dated January 5, 2004. In that letter, the five concerns this association had were addressed.

    1) Density Buffer Area of RS-2
    2) Primary Access from Arroyo Road or Robertson Park Road
    3) Emergency Vehicle Access (EVA) to Southern Neighborhoods
    4) Phasing of Grading and Buffers to Southern Neighborhood during Construction
    5) Visual Feathering of Density Transitions along Arroyo Road

    In good faith, we went to the City Council and openly expressed support for the project on the basis of this letter and belief that we have a reputable builder who will address our concerns so long as the City or other regulatory agencies do not block or make substantial change.

    Please bear in mind that we are not going to have total agreement amongst the neighbors or all homeowners associations with respect to the PD or changes to the PD. Our association wants our neighborhood completed as soon as possible with the least amount of disruption. That being the building along Cabernet Way as proposed at RS-2 zoning with primary access to the other development from Arroyo or Robertson Park Road only, and a remediation that causes the least amount of disruption possible.

    We have a legitimate concern, that under the current proposed PD language, the RS-2 zoned property could sit vacant for many years or not be built at all. Leaving the property vacant for too much time invites the possibility that the zoning could be changed by city government to a higher density thus defeating our goal of "Completing Our Neighborhood". We need to be assured that the buffer zone will be built.

    Specifically, with respect to language in the PD for the remediation and phasing of the building, we request language that provides for the following:

    1) The remediation on the Buranis property takes place in one phase and is done in a manner that protects, to the fullest extent possible by law, the residents directly effected by this clean up. No short cuts.

    2) We support developing the RS-2 zoned project and the higher-density zoned project in parallel. Not north to south, or the higher-density zoned property first.

    Please ensure that adequate language is inserted into the PD prior to tonight's vote and we will continue to support the project. You can email us the relevant language at mjohnson520@comcast.net today. We would like to be able to speak in the affirmative at tonight's meeting.

    Best regards,

    Mike Johnson

    Spokesperson, Quail Run Homeowners Association


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