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  • WEll done neighborhood!

    I think this is the first meeting I ever attended of the City Council in which they voted unanimously in favor of our neighborhood concerning the Buranis property. The speakers tonite were excellent and professional and I think that the Council did want to support us. In addition, staff also came out in support of the additional language proposed by the HOA's and that helped in our effort to get this thing done.

    While it is great having this part behind us, we must remain diligent in keeping up with the map planning phase. A lot of conditions can be put on O'Brien during this phase and we need to be sure and attend those meetings. I guess it will going to Planning Committee next with the site plan, layout of streets,etc. Catherine also indicated it will then need to pass through Design Review and then back to the council. So, there is more ahead but I think at least some of the most important issues have been addressed and we have more protection now than we did 6 monthes ago.

    Anyway, thanks you speakers and lets all keep in touch and keep this thing on the front burner with the City to let them know of our continuing concerns.



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