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    From: Sharon Marriott [mailto:smarriot@earthlink.net]
    Sent: Friday, April 09, 2004 10:30 AM
    To: donboyd@boydbrokerage.com; 'Marie Koch'; 'Chris Doczy'; 'Chris
    Doczy'; 'Michael Johnson'; mjohnson520@comcast.net
    Subject: Inclusionary housing on buranis property

    I had a meeting this morning with Dennis O'Brien this morning, president of O'Brien Homes and he needs our neighborhood help on the low income housing in the 24 buffer zone homes. The city is not budging on moving them to the smaller home area. These houses WILL affect our property value. They will sell for around 170,000.

    Dennis has asked for a letter from all the homeowners associations stating their displeasure with this issue. I am drawing a letter and asking all the residents of Cabernet to sign it.

    Tim and I have a very good relationship with Dennis O'Brien. He is a much more upfront and ethical person than Steve Ritter. Our lawyer and their corporate attorney have hammered out a new remediation plan that is much more sensitive to our neighborhood.

    The park has been removed and the housing lots in the smaller area will be increased. They will be developing a park within a park in Robertson Park.

    I would like to propose a neighborhood meeting. This low income 2.4 houses HAVE to be removed. Dennis feels that if we can come out strong enough, we can get it moved into the smaller units.



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