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  • Quail Run Homeowners Association 7/1/2005

    Board Members,

    My letter posted on the HOA website was sent Tuesday AM. On Thursday afternoon I called and spoke to LARPD Manager Tim Barry and LPD Chief Steve Krull. Both were cordial and wanted to be helpful. Each tasked a staff person to follow up.

    Today I talked with Lt. Robertson of LPD. He appeared to support our proposal, and commented that they thought LARPD needed to add some additional private security guards at the gate. He said he would look at adding some patrol car drive-throughs of the area, but indicated they are really stretched that evening.. Any additional signage would be LARPD.s responsibility.

    Jim Carlson of LARPD also called today and we set up a time for him to come by the house to discuss the strategy. Unfortunately we never connected in person (he had the house number wrong), but we talked on the phone late in the day and we are going to try to get together over the weekend. I did understand him to say they were considering opening the Bob White Road gate to be consistent with what they were doing with other pedestrian gates (and also to collect admission fees). After talking with several of you, I plan to tell him that we think that is a bad idea unless they are able to deploy a lot more security after the event AND enforce the no-parking. Our preference is still to keep the gate closed, add a security guard, and post the intersection of Covey and Gamay with a sign telling people the gate is closed.

    So bottom line, both are trying to be responsive. LPD is likely to have more patrols, but I can.t tell you yet what LARPD is going to do.

    Let me know if you have any suggestions or alternate strategies.



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