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  • Quail Run Homeowners Association Dear Quail Run HOA Members,

    Earlier this week I sent a letter to the LARPD Manager Tim Barry and LPD Chief Krull regarding the Robertson Park 4th of July celebration. See HOA website:


    I talked to both on the phone, and they were helpful and tasked people from their organization to work with us.
    LARPD.s Jim Carlson is in charge of the event and I have spoken with him several times. They feel they need to keep the Bobwhite Road gate open to be consistent with what they were doing with other pedestrian gates (and also to collect admission fees). They have agreed to take additional steps for crowd control. Their plan for the 4th of July celebration is as follows

    - The Bobwhite Road pedestrian entrance will remain open before and after the event, but will not be .advertised..

    - They will collect entrance fees from those entering

    - They will have a private security guards at the gate, plus one roving Covey Way down to Gamay Road, before and after the event to help enforce parking (not clear to me what authority, if any, they would have) and crowd control.

    - They will have garbage cans in the park at the pedestrian exit and be asking people to deposit their garbage before leaving the park

    - They will write up a report on how it goes and have agreed to discuss it with me after the event

    LPD.s Lt. Robertson has said they will try and have some additional vehicle patrols through the area following the event.
    I think this is the best we can do this year. Following the event, I encourage everyone to be mindful of the expected extra foot traffic on the street.
    Have a safe and sane 4th of July.

    Den Fisher
    Quail Run HOA
    Ph 925-449-8849


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