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    I and several members of the Quail Run HOA attended the August 10th meeting held by Mission Valley Properties and the O’Brien Group regarding their plans for the Buranis property. The meeting was also well attended by residents of Cabernet and nearby streets. The presentation covered the same material we heard at our last Board meeting, but with less detail on the remediation, noise control, etc. The options were reviewed in somewhat more detail, with clearer graphics courtesy of a video projector.

    There did not appear to be any major concerns regarding the basic plan, the buffer area, graded density, or site remediation. The audience’s questions focused on the Cabernet residence orientation, driveway configuration and street parking and the impacts on Cabernet. There appeared to be the most support for Option 2 (most houses facing Cabernet with shared driveway access) as the residents of Cabernet wanted a more neighborly relationship with their new neighbors, a means of slowing the traffic and a more esthetic street appearance.

    The Buranis project is on the agenda (enclosed) for the City Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday August 16th in the City Council Chambers, 3575 Pacific Avenue, beginning at 7:30 PM. Based on our earlier Board meeting and no major new information, I plan to support going forward with the project. As the opportunity presents itself, I will say

    - O’Brien Group/Mission Valley properties have worked with our community

    - They have adequately addressed our comments regarding buffer area, graded density, site remediation, and noise

    - Regarding the traffic on Cabernet, we would like a solution that minimizes traffic congestion and speeds. For these reasons, we do not want to see any direct street connection to Cabernet. However we do not have a strong opinion on the options presented and will to defer to the Cabernet residents on that issue.

    Please let me know if you concur with the above position, and hope you can attend the Planning Commission meeting.



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